What We Should Take Care Of When Buying Dry Figs

Mr. Dinçer Demirayak, Production Manager and Agricultural Engineer of Ufresh Company, recommends preferring products that retain their natural color rather than white figs while buying dried figs, “Dried figs get white and clean appearance thanks to the chemical substance called peroxide. Therefore, take care to make the product look natural.”

Indicating that the nutritional values of dried fig, which is a berry belonging to the mulberry family, are extremely high, Ufresh Production Manager Demirayak said “Dried figs have been one of the fruits consumed by humanity throughout history. While buying and consuming dried figs that do not end in counting the benefits, many factors need to be considered. The fig, which has higher nutritional values than the dried fruit of the dried form, becomes approximately 5 times richer in calcium when dried. In this respect, it is an incredible source of energy. But if we cannot choose the dried figs that we buy and consume for our health and taste, it may threaten our health.”

“Don't be fooled by its white appearance”

Ufresh's Production Manager, Agricultural Engineer Dinçer Demirayak, who continues to operate in Nazilli, the homeland of fig, and is one of the companies that come to mind when it comes to dried figs, gave information about the issues that should be considered while buying figs. The Agricultural Engineer Demirayak, who recommends preferring the products that appeal to the palate with the front steel and then appeal to the eye, “Unfortunately, they can whiten the outer appearance of the fig with the chemical called peroxide. Therefore, shells should be kept away from white clean figs. Therefore, we should be careful to buy figs that are natural in appearance. Another factor to be considered is the mold. Mildew, a microorganism belonging to the fungus class that can reproduce in dried figs, humid and hot environments, is capable of rapid reproduction. If you come across mold on or in dried figs, this is a sign that the product is not stored in healthy environments and comes into contact with water and moisture. We should not buy and consume dried figs that you see mold.”

Demirayak, who stated that they aim to increase social awareness as a company in this regard, noted that products that are processed in hygienic conditions by food health, stored under appropriate conditions and packaged using food-compatible substances can be consumed with peace of mind.