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Ding-Dong: Naturality And Freshness...

Working hard to answer expectations and demands of corporate and individual accounts being constant and straight, to ensure the gratitude of our employees and suppliers by generating service conditions and quality products along with our professional proficiency. We are refreshing ourself, we are refreshing our naturality everyday.


As an Ugur Group investment established in 2011, Ugur Integrated Food is doing its activities in 5,000 m2 close and about 13,000 m2 open area located in Nazilli city. Doing all the processes according to EU Standarts and Turkish Food Codex, Ugur Integrated Food makes drying process of all vegetables and fruits, quick-freezing process for semi-dried vegetables and fruits, and packaging process of all kind of dried products.

You can order healthy and delicious dried figs, dried apricots, chestnuts, walnuts and palms online. With Uğur Integrated Food Assurance, your healthy and delicious dry food is delivered to your door.


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