Olive Oil Has Four Enemies

Most olive trees in Aydin with the presence of experts expressed the importance of maintaining the quality of olive oil until obtaining quality products in Turkey. Ufresh Production Manager Agricultural Engineer Dinçer Demirayak said: "Keeping olive oil right is as important as quality production. Many people do not know, but olive oil has four enemies. These are air, water, light, warm. Therefore, keep these four enemies away while preserving olive oil.".

olive production is the livelihood of thousands of people in Aydin and therefore Ufresh indicating that enables the production of olive oil Production Manager Agricultural Engineer Dincer Demirayak "Turkey's olive trees are living in a province with a presence. And we are producing the world's finest quality oil with oil gathered by our spinnerets type of olive trees. However, Our only problem is that we do not maintain the quality while preserving olive oil. It is important to know the storage conditions for olive oil to preserve quality as well as conscious production. we should keep it in the environment, "he said.

Ufresh Production Manager, Agricultural Engineer Dinçer Demirayak stated that they aim to increase social awareness as a company in this regard. There are many ingredients in olive oil that bring health to it. These are fatty acids, vitamins, and polyphenols. These health components do not like contact with air, temperature, water, and light. It tends to dissolve immediately in the water. It immediately absorbs the smell and suffers from loss of quality. said. "