It grows in Malatya, is processed in Nazilli, the benefits do not end with counting

Apricot, which is the livelihood of a significant part of the population in Malatya, takes its place in the benches and then on the tables after it is processed in the Nazilli district of Aydın. The benefits of apricot, which is on the agenda with its contributions to the economy and employment, do not end with counting.

It is stated that apricot, which protects the body resistance and acts as a shield against virus outbreaks, which is effective especially in the winter months, helps the brain to work better as well as many problems such as heart, asthma, bronchitis, constipation and stomach discomfort. Stating that it is known that dried apricots are very good for stomach ailments, Ufresh Dried Fruit Plant Production Manager Dinçer Demirayak noted that a significant part of Malatya products, known as the capital of apricot in the world, reached the tables after being processed in Aydın. Demirayak stated that the dried apricot, like the fig, is a rare fruit that can be consumed throughout the year. “A large part of the apricot, which is exported and sold, is processed in Aydın Nazilli and offered to the domestic and international market. Dried apricots, which are sold in two different colors known as yellow and sun-dried due to drying methods and processes, have serious contributions not only to the economy but also to health. Dried apricots and varieties are among the traditional foods in our country like other dried fruits. As Ufresh company, we buy and process the most delicious fruits of our country from the regions where they are located. Dried apricots are one of the products that we cannot give up because of their taste and health benefits. While growing as Ufresh, we offer dried apricots, which are collected from apricot orchards that do not use any chemicals and are dried with completely natural methods, and we offer them to the domestic and international markets with our packages made of materials suitable for food contact. We do not only contribute to the economy of the country with apricot fruit, but we also provide health services to humanity. ”